Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Ban Calf Roping in Queensland!

While horrendous cruelty is inflicted on all animals involved in rodeos, there is one specific event still taking place in Queensland that could and should be banned in the Rodeo Code of Practice: calf roping.

A man pins a calf to the ground.

In calf-roping events, young animals running at full speed sustain trauma to their necks when they’re lassoed with a rope, violently jerked back, and slammed to the ground. The force of being lassoed by the neck causes many calves to become airborne before human adults throw themselves on top of the terrified animals and tie them up with rope. Calves, who are just babies, find this extremely stressful and are sometimes so badly injured that they need to be carried out of the arena.

We need your help to make sure this cruel spectacle is prohibited.

Calf Roping in Queensland.

Animal Liberation Queensland has documented the cruelty involved in calf roping dozens of times, and last year, it handed in a petition with 60,000 signatures to the Queensland Government calling for a ban. There has been no response from the minister on this issue.

Animals need your help. If you live in Queensland, please use the form below to write and tell your MP that banning calf roping must be a priority.

Feel free to use the template text below as a guide, but e-mails in your own words will have a greater impact.

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