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Let’s Bring Vegan KFC to Australia

KFC has launched vegan versions of its signature fried chicken in Canada, the UK, and the US, and we think it’s past time Australia got a taste of the Colonel’s “finger lickin’ good” bird-friendly fare, too.

Australia outpaces much of the world when it comes to interest in all things plant-based. We’re currently the third fastest-growing vegan market on Earth, and some 2 million Aussies now choose to live meat-free. 

And while KFC vegan fried chicken would be a tasty addition to the many vegan foods already available here, it’s birds who stand to benefit the most. The launch of meat-free chicken at KFC would introduce a whole new audience to vegan food!

To drive home the popularity of vegan eating in England, 13,000 people wrote to KFC via the PETA UK website. We can do the same. Sign our petition to KFC Australia now and help us save chickens, one meal at a time.

Bring Vegan Chicken to Australia!

Attention: Fritz Meyer, Chief Food Innovation and Technical Officer for KFC Australia

Dear Mr Meyer, I was excited to learn that KFC is now serving vegan chicken in the UK. What a time to be alive!

Given the huge interest in all things vegan in Australia – not to mention the 1.3 million Brits who live here and want in on this goodness without having to return to the cold – we must surely be next in line for a taste of this finger lickin' good bird-friendly fare.

Australia is currently the third fastest growing vegan market on Earth, some 2 million Aussies now choose to live meat-free, and Google reports that Australians have searched for the word "vegan" more than people in any other nation for three years running. In fact, as a search term, "vegan" has overtaken "vegetarian" in this country, indicating that more people want to reduce their consumption of all animal-derived foods.

There's never been a better time to introduce vegan options: climate change is currently making headlines worldwide and numerous studies show that eating vegan is the single best way to help save the planet. According to a report published in Science magazine, a shift towards plant-based eating could cut out food emissions in half.  

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