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Take Action for Australian Racehorses Slaughtered in South Korea

For the first time ever, PETA has released undercover video footage from an investigation exposing the widespread slaughter of Australian Thoroughbred racehorses and their offspring in South Korea.

The video shows castoffs from the South Korean racing industry – many of whom were imported from countries such as Australia – and other horses beaten repeatedly in the face as they're forced into the abattoir and killed for their flesh.

South Koreans bet over AUD$11 billion annually on races, and the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) imports and breeds thousands of American and Australian horses to fuel the growing "sport". But the Korean racing industry discards as many horses as it brings in, and while it "retires" over 1,600 horses per year, only about 3% end up at other equestrian facilities. Most are sent to slaughter, usually at the Nonghyup abattoir on Jeju Island, where horsemeat restaurants abound. Even the stallion Street Cry – who sired Australian racing legend Winx – fathered a foal who was killed for meat in Korea.

Please demand that the KRA implement a comprehensive retirement plan for unwanted horses in South Korea. If it redirected just a fraction of the profit it makes off the backs of these horses, thousands of retired racing horses could be spared a terrifying death.

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