Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Revealed: The Heartbreaking Abuse Behind Leather Car Interiors

Heartbreaking footage from Brazilian ranches shows that calves are dragged from their mothers, are given electric shocks and writhe in pain as workers stamp their faces with hot brands.

A PETA video exposé, featuring investigative footage from the non-governmental organisation Repórter Brasil, of several cattle ranches in Brazil supplying JBS SA – the largest leather processor in the world – reveals that cows and bulls were branded on the face, electroshocked and beaten before finally being slaughtered to be made into the leather interiors offered by the world's largest car companies.

It takes an average of three cows' hides to cover the interior of a standard car. See photos and read more about PETA US' disturbing findings.

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