Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Urge LVMH to Shed Exotic Skins From Louis Vuitton and Other Brands

No matter what “standards” a company touts or where the products are made, suffering is rampant in the exotic-skins trade, and it’s nearly impossible to trace the origin of leather to find out who was killed for it. Take action today for crocodiles, snakes, and other animals killed for their skin.

A PETA Asia investigation shows that snakes are held captive in dirty wire cages and then violently killed by being pumped full of air.

The investigator also obtained footage showing piles of crocodiles with their mouths tied and then wrapped in bags so they couldn’t move. A worker walked on top of them and crudely electroshocked them with what appears to be a car battery. However, reptiles don’t respond to electric stunning in the way that other animals do, and there’s no good evidence to show that it renders them unconscious before workers attempt to kill them.

A crocodile slaughtered for their skin in Vietnam.

A PETA video exposé of crocodile farms in Vietnam that supplied skins to LVMH – Louis Vuitton’s parent company – showed thousands of reptiles lying motionless in cramped concrete pits, some narrower than the length of their own bodies. PETA also obtained footage of ostriches – who are used for the bumpy-textured skin purses sold by Louis Vuitton – showing that they’re kept in barren dirt feedlots before finally being sent for slaughter, where they’re forcibly restrained, flipped upside down, and electrically stunned and their throats are slit in full view of their terrified flockmates. 

But it’s not only reptiles who suffer. LVMH is still selling garments made with fur – even though the fur trade slaughters millions of animals, including foxes, coyotes, and minks, in gruesome ways each year. These animals typically spend their lives in small wire cages on fur farms before being killed by gassing, electrocution, or other ghastly methods.

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Every accessory made out of exotic skins or fur and sold by Louis Vuitton represents the hideously gruesome death of a sensitive animal who just wanted to be left in peace. Please join PETA in calling on LVMH to drop exotic skins and fur from Louis Vuitton and all of its other brands now.

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