Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Greyhound-Racing Cruelty Continues – Ban It Now

From the discovery of mass graves full of dead dogs to live-baiting scandals and shocking reports of injury and death at tracks, the greyhound-racing industry has made its systemic abuse of animals blatantly clear.

a greyhound in a kennel

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In 2015, the greyhound industry itself admitted to killing up to 17,000 healthy dogs each year, including around 7,000 puppies and young dogs who never even made it to the track. While recent scrutiny on the industry has meant breeding figures seem to have fallen, there is still no lifetime tracking for racing greyhounds in New South Wales, and thousands of dogs still go missing – and are feared killed – each year.

The dogs who do make it to the racetrack are at significant risk of sustaining serious injuries, such as head trauma or broken hocks or legs, during training and racing. The intensity of the racing also means that dogs can suffer from seizures (from a lack of oxygen) and cardiac arrest.

Because they’re forced to work for profit, greyhounds are treated as possessions rather than the sensitive, loving animals they are. They’re often confined to cramped, barren pens and kennels, completely deprived of human companionship and stimulation. They’re left in these sad conditions for up to 23 hours a day.

In 2016, the New South Wales government commissioned an inquiry which concluded that the greyhound-racing industry is incapable of reform. Yet the government continues to throw away tens of millions of dollars on regulation, prize money, and infrastructure.

The only thing that will guarantee that dogs are protected from cruelty is a ban. Please join us in calling on the New South Wales government to shut this industry down.

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