Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

African Airline Tied to Monkey Smuggling – Take Action Now

PETA has uncovered evidence that Africa’s largest airline, Ethiopian Airlines, has just shipped hundreds of endangered monkeys halfway around the world for use in cruel and deadly experiments.

The airline, which appears to have ties to an alleged illegal international monkey-smuggling ring, has reportedly flown thousands of endangered long-tailed macaques from Ethiopia to the US on gruelling journeys. The company previously told PETA US that shipping monkeys was against its company policy. The monkeys were first shipped to Ethiopia from the East African nation of Mauritius by a different airline.

Please take action below to urge Ethiopian Airlines to join nearly every other major airline in the world in refusing to ship sentient beings to laboratories.

7,000-Plus Miles of Misery

Monkeys transported to laboratories are packed into tiny wooden shipping crates and forced to sit in their own faeces, urine, and blood for hours-long journeys. The terrified animals are ultimately driven to laboratories, where they’re deprived of food and water, mutilated, poisoned, forcibly immobilised in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases, psychologically tormented, used in a battery of other excruciating experiments, and ultimately killed.

Frequent Flyer Violator

In July 2023, Ethiopian Airlines was cited by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for giving a ground crew improper feeding and watering instructions for 336 monkeys crammed inside crates in a cargo hold for the 7,695 miles from Ethiopia to the state of Georgia in the US. After the monkeys were finally unloaded from the plane, they spent 95 minutes on the tarmac without shade in 29-degree heat. The crates of monkeys were then roughly handled as workers packed them into trailers for transport to laboratories, causing further distress and likely physical harm.

The USDA also cited the airline in January 2023 for bringing 584 monkeys into the US without mandatory health certificates, which made it impossible to track whether the monkeys carried one or several of a plethora of pathogens that can infect humans.

Disease Outbreak

Numerous Ethiopian Airlines shipments have included monkeys taken from Mauritius, a small island where tuberculosis outbreaks on monkey-breeding farms are well documented. These shipments pose an imminent threat to public health because tuberculosis is highly infectious and can easily be transmitted from monkeys to humans.

Fleet of Frauds

Ethiopian Airlines has ties to a Southeast Asian black market monkey-smuggling ring, which allegedly abducts wild-caught monkeys from their natural habitat and falsely labels them as “captive-bred” before they’re flown to the US.

A recent federal trial revealed that Ethiopian Airlines flew hundreds of these allegedly laundered monkeys from Cambodia into the hands of US laboratory supplier Worldwide Primates.

Help Ground All Monkey Shipments

Ethiopian Airlines’ monkey shipments empty forests of endangered monkeys, threaten public health and safety, and fuel the insatiable animal experimentation industry.

Please take action today to urge the company to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories for cruel and deadly experiments.

Tasew Bekele
Ethiopian Airlines

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