Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Urge the Thai Ambassador to Help Stop Monkey Labour

A recent PETA exposé of Thailand’s coconut industry revealed that monkeys are still being forced to spend long hours climbing trees and picking coconuts. Please urge the ambassador of Thailand to Australia to use her influence to help stop this cruelty!

Monkeys Kidnapped and Abused

Endangered pig-tailed macaques are often kidnapped as babies from their natural habitat. Handlers put rigid metal collars around the monkeys’ necks and use chains and leashes to choke and control them. Sometimes, their canine teeth are removed so they can’t defend themselves.

After months of physical abuse and intimidation, the sensitive animals learn to comply. Investigative footage showed trainers striking small monkeys, dangling them by the neck, and whipping them.

Forced to Pick Coconuts

Once training is complete, the forced labour begins. Monkeys are coerced into climbing tall trees to pick coconuts. They are frequently bitten by ants and stung by hornets, sometimes fatally. They sustain broken bones when they fall – or are violently yanked – from trees. When the macaques aren’t being forced to work, they’re kept chained on barren patches of dirt or confined to cramped cages, often without access to food or water. They suffer from extreme psychological distress from this joyless life of captivity and abuse.

Never Buy Coconut Milk From Thailand

Because the industry and the Thai government continue to mislead and deceive consumers about their cruel practices, there’s no way to guarantee that any Thai coconut milk is free from abuse. The only solution is to reject all coconut products from Thailand.

Never buy these products, and urge the ambassador of Thailand to Australia to help stop this cruelty.

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