Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Birds’ Feathers Torn Out: Urge lululemon to Stop Selling Down

Yoga-apparel company lululemon continues to sell cruelly produced down, hiding behind so-called “responsible” standards. But the birds who are raised and killed following these “standards” are still permitted to go for more than eight hours without access to food or water and be slaughtered in full view of one another. The brand already uses down alternatives – such as PrimaLoft – which outperform feathers. Urge the brand to stick with vegan materials and ditch down.

The Cruelty Behind Down

A PETA Asia investigation shows geese on a Responsible Down Standard–certified (RDS) farm in Russia shrieking in terror as their necks are stretched across a stump and then hacked at repeatedly with an axe.

For nearly a decade, PETA’s entity exposés have revealed extreme cruelty in the down industry. Birds often spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions, only to be grabbed by the neck, wings, or feet and stuffed into a crate for a gruelling journey to the abattoir through all weather extremes.

At the abattoir, some birds are inadequately stunned before their throats are cut and they’re plunged into a de-feathering tank full of scalding-hot water while still conscious.

See the Individual

Geese form strong bonds and stay with their mates for life. But in the down industry, instead of living with their families, they’re sentenced to a miserable life and a violent death.

Urge lululemon to Change

All this suffering can easily be avoided. lululemon’s customers are looking for warm, stylish, comfortable jackets, and today’s high-performing, feather-free down fill fits the bill. In fact, down alternatives – such as PrimaLoft, which lululemon already uses – outperform feathers. They’re allergen-free, easier to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

Please urge lululemon to take a compassionate stand for geese by no longer selling down.

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