Compassionate gifts that give twice!

Give a Gift That Protects Animals — and Pleases Your Family and Friends

Pick one of PETA’s “virtual gifts” — such as Save Baby Seals or Rest for a Weary Animal — and your gift will be put to work immediately to support PETA’s lifesaving work for animals. What better way to both help the animals you love and send your recipient a cool e-card at the same time!

How It Works

  1. Choose your gift.
  2. Make your donation.
  3. Personalize the e-card that you’d like to send.
  4. Stand tall as your donation goes right to work to end animal suffering.
  • Save Baby Seals


    Give your friend or loved one the "Save Baby Seals" gift to support PETA’s fight against Canada’s annual slaughter of baby seals and our efforts to help save the skins of all animals.

  • Save a Bunny's Skin


    Fashion should be fun, not deadly. By choosing our "Save a Bunny’s Skin" gift, you’ll be strengthening PETA’s work to stop the suffering of rabbits and other animals slaughtered for their skin.

  • Activist Kit


    Help give dedicated activists and supporters the tools they need to fight for animals! This gift will provide budding animal activists with vital resources like leaflets and posters so that they can be even more effective when holding their own demonstrations.

  • 'Love Us, Don’t Eat Us'


    Turn even more people on to a more compassionate – and healthier – lifestyle by choosing our "Love Us, Don’t Eat Us" gifts.

  • No More Animal Tests


    Animal testing is cruel and archaic and needs to stop. By choosing our “No More Animal Tests” gift, you’ll be helping our efforts to save rats, mice, monkeys and other animals and create a more compassionate world for all.

  • Rest for a Weary Animal


    Overworked bullocks, horses, and other animals need your help.

  • Make Your Own

    Customise your own message and let the recipient know how this gift supports all of PETA’s work to end animal suffering and promote animal rights. Simply choose the amount that you want to give and start helping animals with your gift today!