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Help Stop Monkey Abuse in the Thai Coconut Industry

Despite having known for years about the rampant use of monkey labour in the Thai coconut industry and after new footage from PETA Asia implicated two of its coconut milk suppliers, HelloFresh is still refusing to do the right thing by moving its coconut milk supply chain out of Thailand.

Watch the footage narrated by actor and animal advocate Peter Egan, then take action by urging HelloFresh to ban Thai coconut milk from its supply chain.

PETA Asia’s Third Investigation Into Thai Monkey Labour

PETA Asia’s third investigation into Thailand’s coconut industry has yet again revealed that chained monkeys are forced to spend long hours climbing tall trees and picking heavy coconuts. In response to international criticism following the release of PETA Asia’s two previous related investigations, the Thai government and companies that make coconut products have claimed that monkeys are no longer used in the making of exported products – but PETA Asia’s most recent investigation confirmed that rampant abuse of primates is still going unchecked and that Thai coconut industry insiders are deliberately hiding monkey labour in their supply chains.

Monkeys Still Kidnapped, Chained, and Abused in Thailand

In nature, macaques live in large groups with strict hierarchies and an intense focus on social relationships. But at one of the facilities investigated, juvenile monkeys slated to be trained for coconut picking were caged and kept away from other members of their own species. At another facility, investigators saw a chained female monkey who was also kept away from other monkeys, with no food or water nearby and little access to shade.

Monkeys in training are kept chained with rigid metal collars around their necks. Handlers use intimidation and abuse to teach them to obey. Investigative footage shows one trainer striking a monkey, dangling him by the neck, and then whipping him with the tether.

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